You might be a new teacher looking for your first job opportunity Or even more, you’ve already gained some experience and a good reference letter and you might only be browsing the net for interesting destinations where to teach.

But for some reason, nobody or only a few D.O.S. recognize your potentials, even though you have been sending your CV in group mails to numberless language schools in the last couple of weeks? You even tackled two or three phone interviews.

Well, then stop for a second, read what your potential supervisor might think on the other end of the wire and learn from your or your colleagues’ mistakes as your students do.

Your email address:

We all have funny sounding ideas about email addresses, but when somebody gets an email from somebody named or, it might give a completely wrong impression of the sender.

Ergo: have a professional email address (use your name, it was given to you for this reason).

Empty email:

You might think: ‘I attach my CV and maybe even an application letter and press the Send button’. However, it is nice to be invited to open these files, empty emails might be erased automatically due to virus suspicion.

Ergo: Make sure you address your letter to your reader and in two lines, ask them to read your application (Dear Sir/Madame, Find my CV and letter of application attached. Should you have any vacancies open, do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely, XY)

Multiple adressants:

Most of Directors of Studies are aware of the fact that teachers choose cities and places where to teach and after that they google language schools in the area. So it is obvious, that you are not applying for a post at one school, but sending out a lot of applications. It doesn’t mean that schools wouldn’t want to be contacted separately. It makes candidates seem more motivated to get the job at that particular school.

Ergo: Send your application to different schools in separate emails or use blind copy.

No object:

Viruses spread in emails without an object, so computer-literate people avoid opening them. There are even mail providers that automatically cancel emails with an empty object.

Ergo: Write a general, but professional object, like ‘Applying for a teaching job at your institute’

Exaggerating objects:

Really good teachers don’t need to advertise themselves. Their CV and their conduct at the interview speak for them. So it is needless to use great-sounding objects. In my experience, all ‘Fantastic experienced teacher looking for a job’ is a bag of wind.

Ergo: Use modest and general objects (see above). If the school needs teachers, they will read your email.


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