Finally, know how to say ‘no’

Hopefully your interview will be followed by a job offer.

Make sure you answer right away, even if you cannot give an answer immediately. Take your time to think about it, ask for explanation or for further details if necessary. Don’t step back after you accept, so think twice before you do.

Be professional even if you don’t accept. This is the real world, not only teachers are in competition for a good post, but also schools are competing for good teachers. So, just communicate to the D.O.S. with an ease if you have already accepted another job offer. Thank for the opportunity and the offer and wish the very best to them in their work.

Teachers have thousands of soft skills. One of these is the capacity of expressing disapproval or criticism without making the other part feel bad, but make them want to improve.

Conduct yourself as a teacher in every situation.


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