S.O.S. alias for the Sake Of Substitution (1) – Aunty Emma

In your career ¬†you might well be asked even on short notice to jump in for a colleague and substitute a class you have never met. Very often, you don’t even know what the class have been doing and what you should teach. Read more


Not a big deal, it’s only a conversation class (2)

Teachers don’t like to prepare for conversation lessons, they think it is an easy lesson that can be improvised and that students will be happy anyway, since they had the chance to talk to a native English speaker. However, good conversation lessons not necessarily need long preparation time (or only the first time) and provide much more than a small-talk session with the teacher.

Let’s see some guidelines a teacher needs to follow in a conversation lesson: Read more

Not a big deal, it’s only a conversation class (1)

In 2006, I decided to go to a language school and study Italian. I had already had a good intermediate level in Italian at that time, but I understood that I needed some guidance. While I could read, watch TV (ergo listen), study grammar or vocabulary at home, I still needed somebody to do conversation with. So I started to explore what language schools had to offer. In Florence, it was no problem to find Italian courses for foreigners. However, this experience turned out to be shocking. Read more