Don’t take anything for granted (2)

Following up my previous post, I’d like to continue listing all those good habits which practicing teachers do automatically, but which might not be so obvious to young (or new) colleagues: Read more


Don’t take anything for granted (1)

After years of daily classroom routine, teachers tend to do things automatically, without even noticing that they do these things that way. These can be even bad habits (talking to students while continuously wandering about the classroom, using monotonous tone when giving feedback or just repeating ‘good job’ even after a mistake, etc.) and a supervisor after a classroom observation can (and should) help notice and correct them. However, there is a long list of good habits we usually do without thinking about them. When in 2011 I was asked to coordinate 12 teachers and recruit new ones, I had to realize that these good things are not so obvious to everyone.

So I’ve put together a quick list and I’d ask all future or freshly recruited¬†teachers to take a look at it before they enter their demo lesson or their first real lesson: Read more

What makes a good teacher candidate? (Part 1)

This post is addressed to unexperienced teacher colleagues or to colleagues who the first time would like to teach English to non-native speakers. They might even have some qualifications, but without job search and classroom experience they might end up disappointed after a job interview. So let me give you some food for thought about why being a good English speaker is not enough to be a good teacher candidate? Read more