Tips and tricks for exam preparation (4)

Still preparing for exams. Today I’d like to take a look at two exercise types in the Use of English part. My intention is to help you to prepare your students for the notorious sentence transformation (with or without key word) and a bit less scary gap-filling exercises. Read more


Tips and tricks for exam preparation (3)

In my last two posts I dealt with general tips for exam preparation and some advice on how to prepare for the Reading section of any exam. Today, I’d like to continue with the Free Writing part. Read more

Tips and tricks for exam preparation (2)

In my previous post I went through some general suggestions about exam preparation courses. I tried to set up the main rules for a proper course preparation and discussed the importance of familiarizing students with the exam structure and teaching time management.

This time, I’d like to go into detail. I have listed some exercises that definitely need explicit explanation and preparation.  My purpose is not to list all exercise types here, but mainly to give an idea what might be of importance and how you can teach exam skills. Read more

Tips and tricks for exam preparation (1)

Have you ever thought about why it is that not all excellent students can pass an exam? And why can others, whose performance has never been outstanding, do it? Passing an exam is not equal to speaking/understanding a language. It’s more about understanding what exam writers want to see and how they want to trick candidates. Exams are business, they have very little to do with real language competence. But they cost money… Read more