Mini Heroes learn English – tips to survive and enjoy YL classes (4)

In the first two post of this series, I have dealt with lesson preparation in YL courses. In my last post, I started to list some really exciting activities to insert into any YL lesson. Let me continue this list: Read more


Mini Heroes learn English – tips to survive and enjoy YL classes (1)

This year I’m on maternity leave, well not officially, since in Italy mothers are requested to re-enter their jobs 3-4 months after their child’s birth, but let’s say, I’ve become a freelance mummy-teacher. What does that mean? In the morning, I started running an English home-nursery, while in the afternoon, I started teaching kids. On Wednesdays, I have lessons with my Mini Heroes, 6-7 year old boys (only boys). Obviously, my lesson planning is completely different from my good old lessons to adults and I usually need a shower after a lesson with them, but being their hero-teacher is the best price on Earth. It’s not a traditional classroom course. We do our lessons in our playroom in my home, using my kids’ toys. But most of the activities I tried with remarkable success and/or results are simply to be introduced even in a classroom.  Read more