Project 1: Are you a fashion girl?

Our first project was about and around fashion, something girls love to talk about, even though they might not look so fashionable every time.

The vocabulary included clothing items and accessories, the grammar was mainly present continuous, the article a/an with clothes, singular and plural forms and the word order in noun phrases with adjectives (I’m wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. She’s wearing a pink skirt, a white blouse with red buttons and white tights.).

The main activity was a real fashion show with music the girls had picked for their appearance and a fashion magazine with the photos shot at the fashion show. Here is a short description of the lessons.

In lesson 1 and 2 we introduced the grammar with brainstorming (mind maps), matching names to cards, memo-games, flashcards, etc.
We also clarified quickly the form, use and meaning of present continuous and activated this using photos in different fashion magazines. The girls had to pick one outfit they liked and another one they didn’t like and describe them.
In the second part of the second lesson we played with a paper doll game I found in my favourite toy shop: Paper Doll Le grand dressing. In this game the girls had to dress up paper dolls choosing from more than 100 different clothing items and create outfits for different occasions (going to the theatre, going to a birthday party, going to school, going to the park) and once they finished, I took a picture of their creation. At home they had to describe what the dolls were wearing (this was the writing practice).

Here are some samples of their outfits (3 outfits for going to the park/a party/the school/ the theatre):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In lesson 3, the girls brought a suitcase full of their clothes for the events listed above. They had sent their song-lists to me previously and picked to each outfit one song. In the lesson, they had to dress up, then walk down the catwalk (my living room) while I was taping them. They could watch themselves and if they wanted they could repeat their walk. We had time for three outfits. After walking down the catwalk, they posed for the shooting for the fashion magazine in each outfit. I found it amazing, how many nice and even provoking poses these 8-9 year old girls invented. I sent the photos to their parents and they had to choose 5 favorite ones that we would include in our fashion magazine.

Lesson 4 was about editing the magazine, still on the paper. I had printed the photos they picked and prepared some sheets of paper and colours and one sample page.
First I asked the girls to invent a name for our fashion magazine and they picked Fashion Storm. Then I asked them to to design the cover page (we agreed on horizontal A4 layout). I took a picture of the three plans and sent these immediately to the parents who had to pick the best one, which became our official cover page.
Then they had to cut and stick their photos onto sheets (we decided to make three pages for each girl) and write a description to each, like on the sample page. They had to create an identity to every photo, by changing names, professions, origins, etc. The last page was left for homework and they sent these to me via What’sApp.

The final editing was my job, I had to cut and paste everything into one document and I also added the descriptions of the paper doll outfits (the previous homework assignment). I cannot publish here the photos of the girls, but I can show you two pages of the magazine with the paper dolls: click here.

The file was sent to the parents (as a Christmas present) and we printed one copy for ourselves off.

My experience was very positive. I invite you to try it and tell me about your experience in a comment.



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