In-between: Let’s Christmas!

Between the two previous projects we spent one lesson celebrating Christmas (on December 16th). I’d like to give you a brief description of this lesson, you might need an SOS last-minute Christmas lesson plan for next Christmas.

I picked songs since they are evergreen.

Warm up: Santa’s sack
I put several items into a Christmas stockings. The girls had to put one hand into the bag, grab one object and guess what the object was. Good opportunity to revise accessories vocabulary, like bracelet or watch. There were several pralines of chocolate which they could eat at the end.

Lead in:
I showed some pictures to the girls on my computer: the picture of Santa Claus, stockings, presents, Christmas three and wish. We clarified their meanings.

Main Part:
I had connected my computer to our TV beforehand and at this stage I put on All I want for Christmas on YouTube (version sung by Fifth Harmony). The girls’ task was to stand up if/when they heard the words on the pictures. So it was not only a good listening exercise, but also an aerobics number. At the end I gave the lyrics to them and we sang the song together.

Lead into the next exercise:
I led the girls’ attention to one sentence in the lyrics
          I won’t make a list and send it
          To the North Pole for Saint Nick
We discussed in two minutes that we usually write a wish list and send it to Santa Claus who lives in the North Pole. Then I introduced the next exercise: writing a letter to Santa Claus. You can download the worksheet from here (not my creation, I found it on the internet and changed its layout a bit).

While they were writing a letter, I put on Justin Bieber’s Santa is coming to town. I monitored the girls while writing and gave them immediate feedback. Then we moved onto the song.

Main Part 2:
I gave a worksheet with the lyrics of the song Santa is coming to town to the girls. We found the Justin Bieber version ‘cool’, but too fast, so we switched to Michael Bublè. The girls had to fill in the gaps with the words in italics. They could listen twice to the song. We checked the answers and sang the song together with Bublè.

Lead into the next exercise:
Finally, I showed them a picture of a reindeer and asked them if they knew one famous reindeer. The girls had already known Rudolp and were also aware that he was different from the other reindeers, since he had a red nose.

Main part:
I gave them the lyrics cut into pieces and played Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer to them by Destiny’s Child (on YouTube) and they had to reconstruct the order of the strophes. Here is the worksheet I cut into stripes.
We checked their answers and sang the song again with the video.

Wind down:  
The girls asked for their favorite songs, which I found on YouTube and played to them.

This is how we celebrated our last lesson before Christmas 2016.


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